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On Saturday 18th July 2015, we performed a special concert of music written or arranged by our conductor John Barber in the Round Room at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We have a few clips here from these pieces.

For more information about John Barber, visit his Facebook page

Tenderness (words and melody Paul Edwards, arrangement John Barber):

Falling (words and melody Nick Kilminster, arrangement John Barber):

Make You Feel My Love (words and melody Bob Dylan, arrangement John Barber):

Peace Thoughts (John Barber):

Below are a couple of amateur recordings of us singing a composition and arrangement by John Barber at St Paul’s Church in Birmingham.

Enchant – Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord (arranged by John Barber)

Bells of St Pauls (WMA) (composed by John Barber and Paul Edwards)